• Swissotel

Swissotel Difference 

Vibrantly central locations, combined with modern technology, reliable service, and great cuisine. Together, these elements create a place where meetings become synonymous with inspiration.

Meeting Room Design

Featuring spaces that maximise creativity, focus, and efficiency. We choose equipment, furniture design, materials and colours with this in mind. Not only do we have an incredible choice of meeting spaces in all shapes and sizes, but each one offers a variety of different set-ups.

Technology is best-in-class

From Internet connection to audio-visual equipment.  We offer the best solutions for you — whether through our external equipment providers or by enabling you to use your own equipment.


Our philosophy “live it well” translates directly into our meetings and events programme through Vitality, whether it is in our tasty Vitality dishes or in the Vitality activities that we offer meeting and group guests. Our Vitality Meeting breaks include energy-boosting ingredients so you remain productive and focused throughout the day.

Catering options 

from the best of local cuisine to world-class fine dining, from intimate private dinners to exciting gala functions, both in our hotels and at exclusive destinations outside of our properties.

Peace of mind

This means we offer not only meeting rooms, but space for inspiration.

So go ahead, plan your next meeting at Swissotel and you’ll live it well in a big way.