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Creative spaces for creative thinkers. Inspired style for the discerning entrepreneur. The meeting experience at Pullman is designed to match your energetic lifestyle – one that blurs the lines between work and play. Where business is fun, connection is key, and big ideas are nurtured and valued. With a holistic approach that keeps your body as well as mind in peak condition, a meeting at Pullman keeps every attendee inspired, motivated and engaged.


Distinctly Pullman Welcome

Pullman will take the standard site inspection and make it distinctly Pullman. Meeting planners will be guided through the relevant areas of the hotel, stopping at different ‘stations’ along the way. Each station presents an opportunity to take photographs, ask questions and interact with the specific touchpoints of the hotel. Meeting planners will learn the unique features of each Pullman, whilst team members get to truly understand the planner and gauge their event needs.


Performance Boost

A refreshing wellness package placed on the meeting table to boost focus and alertness. The rigours of travel and long days in a meeting room leave attendees tired and distracted, as part of Pullman’s commitment to delivering meetings and events that balance wellbeing and performance, items such as infused water and DIY trail mix will be available to refresh delegates focus.


Engaging Breaks and Icebreakers

Breaks at Pullman are a chance to switch back on, not switch off, more than just a coffee break. Each offering is designed to inspire and invigorate, ensuring attendees are in the right mindset to dive straight back in. These break activities showcase Pullman’s flexibility and creativity, driving home the brand’s ability to orchestrate extraordinary, one-of-a-kind events. From creativity boosts such as photography walks and art challenges to social cooking experiences and interactive masterclasses.


Hydration Station

A bar built around the concept of health and hydration keeps attendees fresh and alert. Pullman shows off its wellness credentials with a permanent Hydration Station offering a range of waters and rehydrating drinks, encouraging attendees to go slow on the coffee and stay hydrated and focused instead



Direct Line

There’s no need for meeting planners to fumble with finding the right phone number or leave the room in search of support as there is an easily accessible, direct line to get help in the room as fast as possible.


All the Tools Together

In the Controller’s Toolkit, Pullman provides planners everything they need before they even think they need them, filled with a comprehensive selection of tech or offices supplies. The planner feels reassured that everything they need is within reach, leaving them with the confidence to tackle the job at hand.


Sustainable Meetings and Events 

Rather than a nice-to-have or an add-on, sustainable best practice is integrated into the core thinking of every meeting and event at Pullman. Holistic approach includes recycled stationery, sustainably sourced food, smart resources, waste management and energy saving initiatives.


Mindful Sustenance

With the flexibility to bring a break wherever and whenever it’s needed, Pullman’s Bites on Wheels is a mobile food trolley that delivers a fun, continuous eating experience that won’t interrupt an important moment. Alternatively, Express Eats offer quick, tasty meals and snacks that don’t take up valuable time, such a fresh, single-course meals creatively packages to grab-and-go.


Custom Cuisine

Stylish food bars that deconstruct popular dishes and encourage attendees to create their own variations. Custom Cuisine provides a fun approach to fuss-free dining. By deconstructing favourite dishes – such as pasta, ramen or pizza – into self-service bars, attendees are free to create their own meals.